Sustainability is at the very heart of everything we do here at Clothes Before Bros - whether that be through ethically sourced garments, protecting the planet, standing up against animal cruelty or supporting people from all backgrounds.

In addition to this, it’s our goal to make sustainable fashion affordable and widely accessible for EVERYONE. As we embark on our ever-changing sustainability journey, we hope to set a precedent for brands new and old all across the UK. And now we’re inviting YOU to join our slow fashion revolution!


One upcycled garment at time! Through every step of production, we are extremely conscious of our planet and the damaging effects that the fashion industry has on it. This is why we’re so serious about using circular fashion in our brand.

We believe that clothes should be used, recycled and upcycled as much as possible. With this in mind, we purchase all our garments from deadstock, second-hand companies and reputable vintage wholesalers. This prevents garments from ending up in landfill, instead being upcycled into new products to give them a longer life in your wardrobe.


We are an ethical fashion brand that is fully against animal cruelty and animal testing. We try our best to use absolutely no animal products in any of our garments. The only exception is vintage leather found in some of our reworked pieces. This leather is ethically sourced from deadstock and reputable vintage wholesalers to avoid landfill. Our leather is never sourced new from manufacturers. Any item containing leather will be marked as such. All other items in our shop are made from cotton and are 100% vegan.


We are a female-led brand fighting for gender equality, therefore we pride ourselves on offering an open and diverse company culture. We welcome all people of any ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, ability and size.

Whether that be through our employees, models, people we work with (such as photographers or other brands) and, of course, our customers. Our employees are all paid AT LEAST the national living wage and work remotely under COVID-19 safety procedures.

The garments we use for our products are ethically sourced from deadstock and reputable second-hand and vintage wholesalers. We DO NOT source any products from manufacturers. The embroidery of our t-shirts and accessories is outsourced by a local female-owned business. These items are all made to order to reduce overproduction. Additionally, our A4 art prints are printed on 100% recycled card using Print Work, a planet-friendly company based in Leeds. This means that nobody is exploited in our supply chain with all services paid for correctly and fairly.


What is sustainable and ethical fashion?
Sustainable fashion refers to clothes, garments or accessories that are designed, manufactured and distributed in ways that are environmentally friendly. In the same vein, ethical fashion refers to clothing made in ways that value social welfare and worker’s rights.

Why is ethical fashion so important?
The way in which the world currently produces fashion is completely unsustainable. Ethical fashion is so important because it puts people and animals first, focusing on the heart of fashion production to improve the overall health of our planet and the people who live on it. Ethical fashion is all about improving human rights, fighting animal cruelty and protecting our environment.

How does sustainable fashion help the environment?
Throughout its production, the fast fashion industry leaves behind a HUGE environmental footprint. Through increasing landfill, power and water consumption, and the use of chemicals and pesticides, fast fashion is a serious problem for our planet. Sustainable fashion stands up against all of this, reducing our carbon footprint, mitigating landfill and waste through upcycling and higher quality production, and using less of the planet’s resources.