Hey babe! Welcome to Clothes Before Bros, a female-owned business pioneering the sustainable fashion movement one upcycled garment at a time. We’re all about sustainability, circular fashion, equality and, of course, intersectional feminism. We support women and marginalised groups all over the world, making sustainable fashion accessible and affordable for ALL.

Sustainability is very important to us, so we always want to be as open and transparent as we possibly can about our supply chain. With this in mind, our garments are ALL sourced from deadstock or reputable vintage

Our designs and slogans are ethically embroidered in the UK by a small female-owned business as well as in-
house by our team of feminist designers. Additionally, equality forms the foundation on which this brand was built, therefore all of our employees are paid AT LEAST a minimum wage. To find out more about our ethical fashion pledge, please head over to our sustainability page.


Deadstock fashion refers to items that are no longer sold by the original seller/company. Companies like ourselves buy these quantities of deadstock to prevent them from going to landfill, believing that all items deserve to be used as many times as possible.



My name is Laura, and I’m the owner of Clothes Before Bros!

Clothes Before Bros was created in March 2020, when I decided to turn my negative personal experiences of sexism into a positive outlet of self-expression. I found that, for myself, the best way to overcome these experiences was by shining a spotlight on them; creating garments with bold feminist slogans, that cause a stir and aim to start a discussion wherever they’re worn. 

However, we weren’t always a sustainable brand. Formally unaware of fast fashion and its effects, I began Clothes Before Bros using a print-on-demand t-shirt company. 

Within a few weeks of learning about fast fashion, and how it contributes to the mistreatment of women and environmental damage, I knew that I had to make changes to my business model. I had the revelation that it would be hypocritical, as a feminist brand, to be contributing to this in any way! 

So, I took the plunge and completely changed the production process of our garments, and decided to source all fabric and garments from deadstock, saving them from landfill.

Being a sustainable, feminist brand hasn’t come without its fair share of struggles! We have struggled to keep our garment prices low while ensuring we are covering our expenses and staying true to our ethical production values. As we so deeply believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible, we continue to offer affordable deals such as our TikTok viral £5 jeans on Thriftin' Thursdays. 

Clothes Before Bros is my baby, and nearly two years down the line I often still have sleepless nights with my mind going into overdrive and coming up with some of my best ideas yet. 

Although our brand has evolved and now not all of our garments carry the feminist slogans that we began with, we can proudly say the feminist ethos we founded Clothes Before Bros on is even stronger than ever. This strength comes from the guarantee that there is absolutely no mistreatment in our production line, and that instead, we are working hard to empower those around us. We believe that sustainability and equality go hand-in-hand, and hope to use our brand and platforms to spread this message.

Laura x