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❗TRIGGER WARNING: Today's news contains information about violence against women❗


Body positive/fashion micro-influencer Lucy-Jane! 😇

True to her motto of being ‘stylish with a stoma’, Lucy Jane is KILLING it on Instagram and TikTok RN! 🔥

Lucy Jane is smashing the taboo around stoma surgery and ileostomy bags, sharing educational content on how the procedure gave her her life back! ❤️

Lucy Jane rocks stunning lingerie, bikinis, and bodycon dresses in her content with pride despite the stigma attached to Stoma’s (even once having a health ‘professional’ telling her that her ‘bikini wearing days are over’ 🙄) and looks absolutely beautiful whilst doing it! 😍

Lucy Jane also has an amazing and unique personal style, and is a huge advocate for upcycling and thrifting! What a QUEEN! 👸

We were lucky enough to work with Lucy-Jane on our new video series Taboo Tuesday, so click the image below to check it out and be sure to follow on IG and TikTok! 💖


Yesterday in a landmark decision, Colombia decriminalized abortion procedures up to 24 weeks! 🎉

This is a huge step in the right direction towards greater abortion access! 💕

The triumph followed the feminist ‘Marea Verde’ or ‘Green Wave’ movement, that has been sweeping Latin America and seeing women take to the streets in protest 💚

So, what were the abortion laws before decriminalization?

• As a largely Catholic country, Colombian Law reflected these beliefs and so for the last 15 years only allowed abortions under three circumstances:

1. If the mother’s life was endangered❗

2. If the pregnancy was a product of rape❗

3. If the fetus was fatally deformed❗

What did this mean for women that tried to pursue an abortion illegally? 🤔

• Women faced anywhere from 16 to 54 months in prison for terminating a pregnancy outside of these three circumstances ❌

• This meant that abortions were often undertaken in secret and in unsafe conditions 💔

Green Wave protestor Marison Rivera states:

‘There’s not a single woman in Colombia who doesn’t know someone who has had to get a clandestine abortion, but little-by-little, we’re changing that' 💪

Considering that prior to 2006, abortion in Colombia was illegal without ANY exceptions, this new ruling shows how far the pro-choice and feminist movement has come in the past few decades! 🤯

Advocates say this represents a major step forward for women’s rights across the region, especially as it is forcing other Latin American countries to consider similar changes to their abortion laws! 👍


• Every year, 760,000 women in Latin America are treated for complications from unsafe abortions (Guttmacher Institute, 2018) ❌

• These abortions account for 1 out of 10 maternal deaths in the region (Guttmacher Institute, 2018) 💔

• Thirty-three percent of all women having unsafe abortions experience complications that require medical attention, but the complication rate is as high as 53% among poor rural women (Guttmacher Institute, 2013) ❗

• During 2020, at least 26,223 unsafe abortions were carried out across Colombia (Profamilia, 2021) 👎

• At least 350 women were convicted or sanctioned for abortions between 2006 and mid-2019, including at least 20 girls under the age of 18. (Causa Justa, 2020 ) ⛓️


This week has been a fun one! 💕

• We relaunched Taboo Tuesdays over on our Instagram! This is a series in which we get creators to talk about important topics that have a stigma attached to them! 🎉

• We started Taboo Tuesdays in an IGTV format back when the brand was first created, but the project had to be put on pause as the brand grew...

• BUT, now we're bringing Taboo Tuesdays back in reel format, and aim to use our platform to break some taboos! ❤️

• Laura sourced more jeans from wholesale, which means there should be an upload coming this week! 🤩

• Dom has been busy making excess unwanted skinny jeans into some gorgeous flares, and Emily has been busy photographing them! 📸

• We began arranging our pop-up event with Urban Outfitters, which if it all goes to plan, should be happening next month! 😍

• We've been gearing up for our collection launch that will be dropping on International Women's Day! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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