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❗TW: Today's news and facts of the day contain information about sexual misconduct and child sexual abuse❗


The sex positive Instagram account @vavawomb_!

Va Va Womb was founded by Ellamae, a infertility advocate, anti-shaming enthusiast and promoter of body and sex exploration 😜

Ellamae was born without a womb, and wants the Va Va Womb platform ‘to educate, empower and shake up stigma through their digital content’ and let people know that they are ‘never alone in their experiences’ 😘

The aim of Va Va Womb is to shake stigma by talking about issues that many people feel ashamed about- as Ellamae calls it, people that are stuck within ‘four walls of shame, guilt, pressure and stigma, all built by society’ 💕

And now Va Va Womb have something extra amazing in the works… wait for it… A VAGINA FESTIVAL! 🤯

On Wednesday 25th May, The Vagina Festival is celebrating all things feminist- with spoken word, music and drag performers being a few of the acts on offer, The Vagina Festival is not one to be missed! ❤️


Neil Parish, a conservative MP resigned from his role after being caught in the middle of a porn scandal, and was subsequently suspended! 😮

Parish eventually admitted to watching porn in Parliament on two occasions… 🤢

The first of which being when he accidentally stumbled across explicit content while he was looking at tractors (erm?), and the second being a deliberate ‘moment of madness’ 🚜

However, this is far from the first time an MP has been outed for sexual misconduct, Westminster has a long history of these incidents occurring amongst fellow politicians and staff… 👀

In fact, in the same week of the Parish scandal, it was revealed that 56 MP’s (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT) are currently being investigated by the House of Commons for sexual misconduct… ranging from making sexually inappropriate comments to criminal wrongdoing 🤯

So, let’s have a deep dive into why Westminster has been infamously nicknamed ‘Pestminster’...

Here are a few of the most recent and most publicised allegations against politicians:

• On the 3rd of May, Wakefield MP Imran Khan resigned his seat, three days after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy… he is currently appealing this sentence 😡

• This April, David Warburton, the Conservative MP for Somerton and Frome has been suspended while under investigation following allegations of sexual misconduct from three women 😞

• Burton MP Andrew Griffiths resigned in 2018 after reports that he had sent 2,000 sexually explicit texts in a three-week period to two of his female constituents... a judge then later found him guilty in 2021 of raping and physically abusing his wife on multiple occasions 💔

However, although the allegations above are all recent - the Pestminster scandal has been going on for years, and so there are far too many allegations to cover in this short section❗

We highly recommend you do your own research - so click the image at the end of this section to be taken to more articles (Yep, BBC News have a whole section on their website dedicated to the Westminster harassment scandal... that just says it all)! ⬇️

In 2017 alone, detailed complaints were filed against 36 individual MPs (including both Conservative and Labour representatives)...clearly, not much has changed! 🤔

How TF are these accusations being swept under the rug?!

• A former parliamentary aide has come forward stating that they believe that so many allegations remain ‘unreported, or complaints unheard, as junior staff feared for the impact it may have on their political career and in the face of such an imbalance of power believe it is simply easier to stay quiet’ 😭

• Those accused aren’t always being suspended while investigations take place! The Guardian reported that Khan was appointed as an adviser to the Conservative party on child exploitation while he was being investigated for child sexual assault allegations 💔

• Another example of this is that an unnamed Conservative MP that has been arrested for rape remains in their seat during investigations, after being released on bail 🤢

• Those that are accused, are being defended by others in power… Dover MP Charlie Elphicke was found guilty of sexual assault in 2020, while another MP provided a character statement that described his crimes as mere ‘folly’ 🙄

• And yet another example of this, is that despite the aforementioned allegations against Andrew Griffiths, Teresa May restored his seat hours before a ‘No Confidence’ vote against her because he was vocal about being in support of her and voting in her favour - prioritising her power above the feelings and safety of his victims 😡


• One in five people working in Westminster experienced sexual harassment from 2017-2018 (Survey ordered by Andrea Leadsom, 2018) 😡

• 39 per cent of staff, MPs and peers had experienced bullying and harassment of some sort while working in Westminster (Survey ordered by Andrea Leadsom, 2018) 💔

• In a report by a former high-court judge, she spoke to 200 staff members in the House of Commons that spoke about rife bullying and a 'place overwhelmed with culture of deference where victims feel guilty for their victimhood' (Dame Laura Cox, 2018) 😭

• Previously, a letter calling for action to tackle bullying and sexual harassment in the House of Commons was signed by 80 current and former senior staff (BBC, 2018)❗


This week has been fun, fun, fun!

• Firstly, we were featured in Align Magazine- in a gorgeous article that named brand owner Laura a Queer Biz Icon! We’re OBSESSED! ❤️

• The brand was also featured in The WooHoo! Club’s ‘The Iconics’, a digital ‘Who’s Who’ of established and emerging iconic influencers in Birmingham! It’s going to be released soon, so be sure to sign up to the waitlist! 🎉

• We’ve chosen a new FABULOUS apprentice for the Content Creation role… we’re keeping it quiet who they are until they start but we'll give you a clue: they’re a familiar face that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of! 💕

• Dom visited the Levi concept store in London and filmed a TikTok all about his visit! It’s a sustainable and circular take on the Levi brand and we hope that it’s the starting point for more sustainable initiatives from Levi’s! 😍

• Dom has been upcycling vintage leather which is new for us and we’re excited to share what he comes up with! 😘

• We’re on the hunt for bloggers! If you’re a blogger or you know of any that would like to collaborate, please get in touch at! 🤳