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❗TW: Today's news and facts of the day contain the views of trans-exclusionary individuals and statistics on conversion therapy and suicide that some readers may find upsetting❗


Female empowerment magazine Disgraceful!

Disgraceful 'sets out to claim space in this world where women are expected to do the opposite', and we are, of course, on board with this mission! 💖

Disgraceful is created to empower women to build a life without constraints, and its pages are filled with stories and articles about inspirational women, as well as covering style, pop culture, and body politics 😍

We were actually lucky enough to be featured in Issue 5, an issue that had a celebrity feature from the amazing Sharon Gaffka! 👸

We are so honoured to have been featured in such an amazing publication, as we stand for everything Disgraceful promotes 💘

As Disgraceful amazingly put it... 'you can’t repress a disgraceful woman' 💪


This Sunday, previously beloved author and now-controversial figure JK Rowling hosted a lunch in support of the 'Respect My Sex' campaign... 🙄

However, news of the lunch has caused a stir on social media, due to both the cause it was supporting, and also the previously ‘cancelled’ guests in attendance... ❌

What is a TERF?

• JK Rowling, as well as the majority of the other guests in attendance have been commonly labelled in the media as ’TERFS’ 🙅

• The Oxford Dictionary cites that a TERF is a ‘feminist who excludes the rights of transgender women from their advocacy of women's rights’ 😤

• Although the term TERF originated in the 2000s, trans-exclusionary feminists have been around since the 1970s (Click on the image below to be taken to a detailed article about the origin of the trans-exclusionary feminist)❗

And what is the ‘Respect My Sex’ campaign?

• The 'Respect My Sex' campaign proclaims that ‘the concept of biological sex is being undermined’ 🙄

• 'Respect My Sex' are firmly against the rise of gender-neutral bathrooms and changing rooms in schools, stating:

'It’s not possible to organise sports, or shared spaces like changing rooms and toilets – or to gather meaningful data – based on self-identification'

• They also believe the concept of gender identity is ‘sexist nonsense that's bad for all children' 😡

• In summary, the movement is underpinned by the belief that an increased discussion around gender identity is threatening women’s rights and feminism… 👎

Who started this campaign?

• The campaign was coined by three ‘feminist’ organisations that share these views: ‘Women Uniting’, the ‘Women’s Rights Network’, and ‘Sex Matters’ 👀

• The Chair of Sex Matters, Naomi Cunningham, was in attendance at J.K Rowling’s lunch...

• Cunningham recently made a statement on the lack of evidence for harm from ‘gender identity conversion therapy’… a process that has been widely documented by the LGBTQIA+ community as extremely harmful and dangerous to those struggling with gender identity 💔 (Read our Facts Of The Week to find out more!)

Guests also included:

• Professor Kathleen Stock, who resigned from her University of Sussex job after being accused of transphobia 👎

• MP Rosie Duffield who believes trans women should be excluded from certain female spaces 😡

• Many other trans-exclusionary radical feminist authors and public figures… 😬

But there's still hope!

• From the massively negative reaction seen on social media (especially since J.K Rowling’s infamous lunch!), it can be seen that the TERF movement is largely unpopular and that the majority of the LGBTQIA+ community and GEN-Z feminist community do not agree with these trans-exclusionary views 🏳️‍🌈

PHEW! That's a relief at least! 🎉

Here at Clothes Before Bros, we believe that any ‘feminism’ that excludes trans folk, isn’t real feminism! 💪

We like our feminism intersectional and inclusive, thank you very much! ❤️


• One in five trans people (20 per cent) have been pressured to access services to suppress their gender identity when accessing healthcare services (Stonewall, 2018) 👎

• Transgender people who are exposed to conversion efforts in their lives have more than double the odds of attempting suicide, compared with those who have not (Jack L. Turban, AMA Psychiatry, 2020) 💔

• Transgender people who are subjected to conversion therapy before age 10 are four times more likely to report lifetime suicide attempts than the general transgender population (Jack L. Turban, AMA Psychiatry, 2020)❗


What. A. Week.


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