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❗TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the news today contains themes violence against women❗


Miskie London’s #giveabra campaign! 💖

Last year, ethical underwear brand Miskie London started an amazing campaign called #giveabra in partnership with Change 1’s Life, in which they collected donations of pre-loved bras to be cleaned, repaired and packaged to then be sent out to the special and resilient women of sub-Saharan Africa! 🌎

They donated over 600 bras in their first shipment, and have now made the #giveabra campaign part of their ethos permanently, continually donating bras to the cause! ❤️

We really recommend that you look into donating, and helping women in need of comfortable and supportive bras! 💪

If you click on the image below, you will be taken to the Miskie London site to find out how to get involved! 💕

We also recommend you check out Miskie’s site, as their underwear sets and bodysuits are CUTE AF! 😍


The murders of three women by their current or former partners on the first day of 2022 has sparked outrage in the French public this week, as the French government are criticised for failing to protect women from gender-based violence 💔

• This comes at a time when six French police officers are also facing disciplinary hearings (starting on January 4), as they stand accused of ‘administrative failings’, as they failed to protect 31-year-old Chahinez Daoud, a mother, from being killed by her husband

• Domestic violence is a huge systemic issue in France, that according to activists, the French government and police have not put enough time or enough resources into tackling ❌

• Marylie Breuil, who is a member of the French feminist collective group #NousToutes, states that ‘there is a huge disparity between the means deployed and the number of women who are targets of domestic violence'...

• The government have reported that they are spending €1 billion per year to fight domestic violence, but this is, according to critics, simply not enough 👎

• #NousToutes claim that although 220,000 women report domestic violence every year, judges only ordered the use of electronic bracelets (to alert women and police if a violent ex-partner is approaching) in only 379 cases❗

• In March 2021 #NousToutes gathered the testimonies from women who had filed police reports on domestic violence, and the results of the research were that two-thirds of those who participated in the survey stated that they faced a hostile reception from the police 🚨

As domestic violence has never been so widely discussed in the French media, we just have to hope that this will enact change 💪


In France... 🇫🇷

• France has the highest rate of femicides in Europe per capita, with 113 femicides in 2021 alone - (France24, 2022)

• There has been a total of 770 recorded femicides in France since 2016 - (Féminicides Par Compagnons ou Ex)

In sub-Saharan Africa... 🌍

• Gender Inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa an estimated $95 billion every year (African Human Development Report, 2016)

• In Niger 95% of girls are married before they reach the age of 18 (International Center for Research on Women)


The start of 2022 has been hectic as usual! 😉

• We ordered some very exciting samples… think ethical mesh with a Clothes Before Bro’s twist! 😏

• We are welcoming a new photographer to our team VERY soon, meaning we’ll get better pictures for Thiftin Thursdays and product pics of our new collection ASAP! 📸

• We’re working on a corset-like one we’ve never seen before… (IT’S TWO CORSETS IN ONE!) 🤯

• We’re also working on flares upcycled from leftover skinny jeans and excess fabric… when worn with the corset, it may just be a co-ord 🤫

• We’re taking your feedback and updating and simplifying the website… click the button below and you might just notice a few changes! 👀

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