Hi babes! 👋 We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the first-ever Feminist Forecast - Clothes Before Bro's new bi-weekly newsletter that will be telling you all the feminist news that made us feel something this week - whether that be angry ASF, or empowered! 💪 💕


Much like our other bi-weekly newsletter the Conscious Catchup, we’ll also be clueing you in on some of the exciting bits we have going on behind the scenes at Clothes Before Bro’s… sometimes before we even go public with it (so you’re basically a VIP)! 😘


So, if you want to smash the patriarchy - keep scrolling! 😉


Women-owned period care brand Saalt! 👸

Saalt is a B-Corp certified brand that is on a mission to provide the highest quality period care products with the aim to use them for good! 💖

It all started when brand owner Cherie phoned her aunt in Venezuela and discovered that pads and tampons had not been available in stores for years! 💔

Feeling distraught that her family had gone months without period care, Cherie decided to come up with her own solution and designed her own reusable, sustainable Saalt menstrual cup… and so Saalt was founded! 🎉

Now Saalt also produces period underwear, which is another sustainable alternative to pads and tampons, and can help those that don’t have access to them! 👙

They use a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials including recycled materials ♻️

Saalt donate 2% of its revenue to provide period care to regions with the most need, and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability! 🌎


If you didn't see our Instagram post yesterday - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! 💕

As the world was gearing up to celebrate, the UK Government thought it would be the perfect time to email 114,000 women rejecting their calls for an inquiry into the affordability and availability of childcare… 🙄

• At 3.36 am, 114,000 women who asked the government to look into cripplingly expensive childcare costs in the UK, were emailed to be told their demands had been rejected! 💔

Joeli Brearley (founder of Pregnant Then Screwed) responded by saying:

‘Affordable childcare is a critical component of gender equality. Women do the majority of the unpaid care work that keeps our society spinning and ensures men can progress in their careers. This work saves our economy billions of pounds.

It is a massive kick in the teeth to hear that the Government expects us to continue doing this work for free and that they will not invest further in the vital social infrastructure that is our childcare sector. We will never have gender equality whilst women cannot afford to go to work. Happy International Women’s Day to you too!’


So, what about the Government’s official International Women’s Day announcement?

• Boris Johnson's big International Women’s Day announcement was that the UK government are launching a £20 million ‘Global business partnership’ in order to provide skills training to 1 million girls around the world 💸

• This partnership consists of £9 million in government funding, and £11 from a vast range of other businesses, and aims to provide high-quality skills training in developing countries, improving girls’ access to education and employment 👍

• Although this partnership sounds promising, it’s certainly interesting that they’ve chosen to invest in this partnership, while on the same day, rejecting the request to inquire into extremely high childcare costs in the UK… an issue that the UK’s women are struggling to get acknowledged! 🤔


• The UK has the third most expensive childcare system in the world - a full-time place costs £12,376 a year on average (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2022) 💰

• Between 2008 and 2016 the cost of a one-year-old child’s nursery provision grew four times faster than wages in England, and in London, it was more than seven times faster (Trades Union Congress, 2017) 📈

• 96% of more than 20,000 working parents said ministers were not doing enough to support parents with the cost and availability of childcare while 97% said childcare in the UK was too expensive (A survey shared with the Guardian, 2021) 💔

• One-third of parents said they paid more for childcare than their rent or mortgage - this proportion rose to 38% for both those in full-time work or were single parents, and to 47% of respondents from a black ethnic background (A survey shared with the Guardian, 2021)❗

• 92% of parents said the cost of childcare had affected their standard of living, while 50% said the cost was completely unaffordable or had resulted in a substantial impact (A survey shared with the Guardian, 2021) 👎


This is the part where we share what we've been up to this week! 💕

• We launched our new gossip-style blog 'Rumour Has It' over on our website! We've already got some blog posts on there, so go check them out! (We're going to be updating it weekly!) ❤️

• We finalized the dates for our pop-up event with Urban Outfitters, so we're going to be in the Brighton store on Tuesday the 22nd March and Wednesday 23rd March selling the new collection! SO excited! 🎉

• As you may have noticed, we previously planned to release the new collection on International Women's Day, however, due to situations out of our control such as delivery time, etc, we're having to push it back 🤫

• Don't worry though, it's coming VERY soon... in fact- we actually just received the final samples, and they're looking GOOD! 😍

• Lastly, we're sending some clothing to the amazing Bearded Broz, who are a Birmingham based group of community volunteers- these clothes will then be sent to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland... as they are unable to accept postal donations, we are happy to receive donations on their behalf and drop them off! 💕

Please click on the image below to be taken to our original post with more details! ⬇️

❗Please note that we are in no way profiting from any donations, we only want to be able to offer a way that you can help the people in Ukraine at this time of Crisis❗