Hi babes! 👋 We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the first-ever Feminist Forecast - Clothes Before Bro's new bi-weekly newsletter that will be telling you all the feminist news that made us feel something this week - whether that be angry ASF, or empowered! 💪 💕


Much like our other bi-weekly newsletter the Conscious Catchup, we’ll also be clueing you in on some of the exciting bits we have going on behind the scenes at Clothes Before Bro’s… sometimes before we even go public with it (so you’re basically a VIP)! 😘


So, if you want to smash the patriarchy - keep scrolling! 😉


❗TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the news today contains themes of sexual assault and harassment❗


Safety app One Scream! 💖 📱

One Scream is a voice-activated safety app for women! If you’re ever in danger and cannot reach your phone, the sound of a scream will cause your phone to sound a loud siren, and then in 20 seconds, it will contact up to three chosen contacts letting them know that you need help❗

The app avoids contacting people in non-emergency situations by mistake, as you have to ’activate’ the app before going out alone! It also gives you 20 seconds to cancel the automated messages to contacts if it's a false alarm ❌

One Scream wants women walking alone to ‘Feel Safe. Be confident', and of course, we are in full support of anything that is designed to help women feel safer! 😍


Emily Ratajkowski dominated the media this week, as her book titled ‘My Body: Emily Ratajkowski's deeply honest and personal exploration of what it means to be a woman today’, gained press attention 👀

• In the book, Ratajkowski discusses ethical conflicts in her career regarding the male gaze versus empowerment, stating that:

‘On a good day, I’d call people sexist who condemned a woman for capitalising on her body; on a bad day, I’d hate myself and my body, and every decision I’d made in my life seemed like a glaring mistake.’

• Ratajkowski also uses the book to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Robin Thicke on the set of Blurred Lines, and we admire her bravery in speaking up 💪 ❤️

• However, the book also had its critics… Sophie Gilbert of the Atlantic stating that ‘It’s less a rallying cry for structural change than a dispassionate series of observations by someone who still sees themselves primarily as a commodity.’ 😬

• Overall, the book has been mostly praised- with the Telegraph’s Tanya Gold stating that the book is ‘revolutionary’, and that although ‘She doesn’t answer the question: what is a woman for? How can she? It is a universal question. But at least she asks it, and it feels revolutionary.’ 🎉

Whether you're a fan of the book or not, it’s undeniably sparked an important conversation! 💕


• More than 70% of garment workers in China are women, 85% in Bangladesh, and in Cambodia as high as 90% (Rock, 2001) 🌎

• The minimum wage for garment workers in Bangladesh is 5,300 taka (£45/€62) per month when at LEAST 8,900 taka (£75/€104) is needed to cover a worker’s basic needs… (​​Bloomberg, 2013) 💵

• Nearly half (43.1%) of 763 women interviewed in factories in three Vietnamese provinces said they had suffered at least one form of violence and/or harassment in the previous year (Fair Wear Foundation, Care International 2019) ❌

This is why for us, feminism and sustainable fashion go hand in hand- and why we could never actively promote feminism without making sure there is no unethical treatment in our supply chain ❤️


The Clothes Before Bros team have been busy as always… 😇

•Working on some VERY exciting photoshoots 💖

• Launching our first in-person space at Redbrick Market TOMORROW! 🎉 😍

• Creating a new, completely size-inclusive collection… coming soon 🤫

• We are taking Clothes Before Bros in a new direction! 🤯

As all of our tees are sourced from deadstock and saved from landfill, we have had issues sourcing inclusive sizing, which although sustainable, just isn’t good enough. So, we are introducing a service which enables you to send in a T-shirt of your choice and we will work our magic and embroider it for you. We figured this is a win-win as it means repurposing clothes you already have, we won’t have limits on colour and size and the price will be more affordable too 🎉

• And lastly but certainly not least… we made a banging playlist of all the songs that make us feel empowered AF! 💪



We hope you loved the first ever Feminist Forecast! 🤩

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