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'Lethally Her'... the sustainable stationery shop ‘designed by creative ambitious women, for creative ambitious women’ 💖

Lethally Her creates CUTE AF diaries, calendars, and affirmation cards that are made from recycled materials, as well as recycling 100% of their waste ♻️

There are no nasty chemicals used in the coating of their paper products, only all-natural ingredients made from starch

Our personal fav: Their ‘Cut The Sh*t’ positive affirmation cards! These are ‘designed to support your life as an ambitious woman', and make the perfect gift (whether that be a self-love style present to yourself, or for a friend in a funk)! 💕

They have a commitment to sustainable manufacturing paired with amazing feminist slogans, getting the Clothes Before Bros seal of approval! 👍


Burberry secures a 300 MILLION POUND sustainability loan! 🤑

• British luxury fashion house, Burberry, has received a 300 million pounds sustainability loan coordinated by Lloyds Bank 💸

• The 300 million is due to be invested
into Burberry’s ambition to be climate positive by 2040 🌎

• This isn’t the first sustainable move Burberry has made and follows Burberry’s partnership with fashion rental service My Wardrobe HQ in December 💕

• In this partnership, Burberry established a rental and resale business to demonstrate their ‘commitment to circular fashion’ ♻️

• As a part of this collaboration, Smart Works, (a UK organization that provides high-quality interview attire and coaching to disadvantaged unemployed women), received 40% of each transaction 👍

Sounds positive, right? 🤔

• We aren’t 100% convinced yet! Despite these clear movements toward a more sustainable future for the brand, the brand still has a ‘Not Good Enough’ rating on Good on You 👎

• Furthermore, this loan comes at a time when there is a huge global trend towards sustainability (We, the sustainable community, did that! 😍)

• Being the first type of loan of its kind to go to a luxury brand, they hope that this will serve as inspiration for other luxury brands to follow suit. Although it all sounds absolutely amazing, we are going to wait and see how it all pans out... 👀

Fingers crossed that this isn’t just another attempt at greenwashing!🤞


• The fashion industry by itself accounts for 20 to 35 percent of microplastic flows into the ocean. (McKinsey, 2020) ♻️


• In 2020, microplastic particles were found in the placentas of unborn babies for the first time, which researchers said was ‘a matter of great concern' (The Guardian, 2020) 🤰


• Microplastic pollution has reached every part of the planet, and people are already known to consume the tiny particles via food and water, and through breathing in (The Guardian, 2020) 😨


• One piece of clothing can release 700,000 microplastic fibers in a single wash. (Greenpeace, 2017) 👔


• Europe and Central Asia alone dump the equivalent of 54 plastic bags worth of microplastics per person per week into the oceans. (Greenpeace, 2017) 🌊


Buying secondhand or vintage clothing, or clothing made from waste fabrics will help prevent the production of more microplastics 💕


Also, wash your clothing less often!


Being more eco-conscious also doubles up as an excuse to do less laundry! 😉


We've been up to all sorts of antics this week, as per usual! 💕

• We met up with the lovely Hannah from Aila Magazine and discussed all things business and life! ❤️

• We’ve been busy preparing for our big Thriftin Thursday’ drop at the end of the month...👖

• Our fashion and media assistant Dom has been making some fabulous upcycling inspo content! 😍 (Click the image below to find out how he made this super handy makeup brush holder 😘)

• And last, but certainly not least, we’re welcoming an amazing new photographer onto our team on Monday, and are so excited to see the amazing photos she’ll be taking for us! Welcome to the team Emily!


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