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The clueless style, digital wardrobe app- 'Whering'! 😍

You know what they say… The most eco-friendly clothes are the ones already in your wardrobe. 😉

Whering is an app that helps you make the most of your clothing, by helping you ‘catalogue your clothes, create unlimited outfits, get styling suggestions and shop more mindfully’. By just photographing your clothing, Whering creates you a ‘digital closet’ that you can use to plan outfits and get the most possibilities out of your garments. 👍

With tracking features to help you maximise utilisation of pieces you’re neglecting in your wardrobe, the app should help you put together more varied and unique outfits. 😘

The app also has calendar and weather features, that help you plan ahead and get organised! 📆 ⛈️

Whering claim that using their app will ‘Save time, money and reduce consumption.’ Sounds like a pretty good arrangement considering the app is 100% free! 🤩


Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again… and fast fashion companies are ALREADY jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon 🙄

With advertisements beginning to dominate your social media feeds and seep into mainstream media, we want to remind you why you should most definitely NOT give in to the temptation this Friday! ♻️

So, why should you boycott Black Friday?

• It encourages unnecessary overconsumption... the sense of panic and urgency created by the marketing tactics of brands on Black Friday, encourages people to make purchases that they don't need or even like- just for the validation that they aren’t missing out on a bargain. Reminder: it’s not a bargain unless you need and love the item! 🙋

• With fast fashion brands like PrettyLittleThing offering a 99% off discount, clothes are being sold for as little as 3 pence, with garment workers only being paid a fraction of this... 💔

•  These low prices cause people to invest in ‘trendy’ pieces that due to the fast-paced micro-trend cycle, will soon end up ‘unstylish’ and unwanted, discarded in landfill 👎

• Black Friday promotes a buy and return culture, under the false pretence that your unwanted garments will end up being returned and resold, when in truth they (almost always!) just get sent immediately to landfill to rot (or not rot, as the synthetic fibres used to make cheap clothing take 200+ years to decompose…) 🤢

What else is there to do on Black Friday besides shop?

•  About 85% of independent retailers are not participating in Black Friday this year, and we are part of that statistic! If you’re a brand owner, you could join the movement and help #TakeBackBlackFriday 💪

• You could spread awareness on socials, sharing information and trying to encourage friends and family not to click that ‘Buy Now’ button 🤩

• You could spend the day looking inside your own wardrobe and restyling old pieces (Whering, as mentioned earlier, would be perfect for this!) 👗

• Spend the day getting conscious! Fashion Revolution is hosting a Black Friday Instagram Live series, In which experts aim to inform and discuss the issues with the fashion industry, as well as its future. It’s set to be an amazing series! 😍


• It would take a female garment worker in Bangladesh 4,000 years to earn what the average CEO of a fashion brand is paid in just a year (Oxfam, 2017) ❌

• Online purchases have a return rate of around 30-40%, and up from 10% for in-store buys- and as the cost of repackaging products and returning to inventory is more costly to retail giants than simply sending returns to the bin, it normally gets sent to landfill (CBC News, 2020)😡

• There is a MOUNTAIN... yes, a mountain, of 39,000+ tonnes of discarded clothes dumped in Chile's Atacama desert (Insider, 2021) ⛰️❗

This is why we do everything we can to save materials and garments from landfill, and keep them in circulation ♻️


The Clothes Before Bros team have been busy this week as always! 🎉

• Making lots of pieces from our new (unreleased) collection for the Pixie Collective pop-up in Brighton TOMORROW! 😍

• Had our first week open at Redbrick, and are thrilled with how it's going so far- we've loved seeing some of your lovely faces pop-in and say hi! ❤️


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