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Sustainable shopping app 'Esooko'! ♻️

Esooko is designed ‘for fashion lovers who want to take action for the planet’, and at Clothes Before Bros we are OBSESSED with the app and its initiatives! 😍

Esooko is an app that allows you to shop sustainable and vintage clothing... but what makes it different is that every time you make a purchase you’ll plant trees, restore corals, or empower young people to create more sustainable fashion habits! 🍃

So far, Esooko has restored 553 corals, planted 848 trees, and educated 8200 people on sustainable fashion! 🤯

We’ve also been working closely with Esooko to bring you some VERY exciting surprises… if you manage to get your hands on a Galentine's Box, you might find a special little prezzie from them! 💕


Fast fashion giant Fashion Nova are (allegedly- we don’t want to get sued) FRAUDS!

• Fashion Nova is paying out $4.2 Million after being caught using a third-party online product review management software that fakes 4 and 5 star reviews, while also hiding THOUSANDS of low-star ratings 🤯

• Federal Trade Commission director Samuel Levine stated that false reviews 'cheat consumers, undercut honest businesses, and pollute online commerce’ 👎

• Although a Fashion Nova spokesperson claims the FTC’s allegations are ‘inaccurate and deceptive’, claiming they are ‘highly confident that Fashion Nova would have won in court and only agreed to settle the case to avoid the distraction and legal fees’... interesting 🙄

Fashion Nova’s continually unethical business practices suggest otherwise... 🤔

• With the lowest possible ethics rating on ‘Good On You’, and no evidence it ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain, we don’t exactly have a reason to trust the brand 👀

• In 2019, it was even reported that Fashion Nova’s Los Angeles’ workers were widely underpaid 😡

• Just last week, a TikTok was posted by user @torietrades, showing her day working at a Fashion Nova packing warehouse. In her TikTok, she addresses a lot of issues such as being overworked, and the garments being poor quality... 🍵

• With commenters comparing her work day to ‘squid games’ and ‘modern day slavery’, it’s not the best look for Fashion Nova’s celebrity-endorsed image… ❌


• Fashion Nova’s CEO has said that it launches about 600 to 900 new styles every week. (WWD, 2018) 😱


• A report by Coresight Research found that the site Missguided releases about 1,000 new products monthly (Coresight, 2017) 📈


• Zara has a design-to-retail style of about five weeks and introduces more than 20 different collections a year (Coresight, 2017) ❌


In 2020, Boohoo uploaded 772 garments over the course of one week, which works out at a daily average of 116 individual garments (VICE, 2020)❗


Not only is this fast-paced overproduction encouraging consumers to buy into microtrends and overconsume, but clothing is made in such a rushed manner that garments will not last more than a few years, ending up in landfills or the ocean! 🌊


We've been rushed off our feet this week (but wouldn't want it any other way!) 💕


• We gave out 50 pairs of FREE vintage jeans, and are packaging and posting these off ASAP! 👖


• Went to an exciting meeting at an ethical family-run factory in regards to manufacturing a new collection! 😍


• We decided to leave our in-person space in Redbrick and focus on online sales- although we loved having an in-person space, we felt our strength lies with our lovely online community and we want to commit fully to focusing on regular uploads, exciting new collections, and collabs! ❤️


• We went to Bristol to shoot for our Galentine's boxes... we are SO EXCITED FOR THESE! 💖


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