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Sustainable search engine, Thriftscape! ❤️

Thriftscape is the ULTIMATE life hack for any thrift fanatic, and so we knew we had to share it with you lovely lot! 😇

Thriftscape is 'secondhand shopping made simple' and is designed to scour the web for all the best bargains in one click, saving you time and hassle checking all the other sites one-by-one! 💕

Type in the item you're looking for, and Thriftscape will show all relevant results across eBay, Vinted, Preloved, Vestiare Collective, ReFashion, Shpock, and Oxfam!

So, basically, you've got all the best bargains at your fingertips!

Crazy right!? 🤯


If your social media feeds look anything like mine, EVERYONE’S suddenly talking about NFTs… and no matter how many times people try to explain them to me, I just don’t get it! 😖


So, let’s try to learn together... 


What's an NFT?


•  NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token (a unique digital token), which can include art, paintings, videos, graphics,  GIFs, songs, poems, tweets, posts even video games, virtual real estate, books... even birth certificates! 😮


So, what’s the point in owning a digital file if it’s not even a physical product?


•  To prove ownership! If you buy an NFT, your ownership of it is recorded on the ‘blockchain’, which keeps track of who has ownership of the file- this appeals to those artists and digital art owners that have had their digital art used without permission, and found it difficult to prove ownership! 💸


•  Although there are issues with digital art theft in the NFT world too, with bots being able to replicate and relist these files, there is also a rise in recognition technology being created and used that can detect when work has been stolen… making it easier to keep track of copies! 🤩


•  Another benefit for artists is that instead of selling art to a gallery or customer as a one time purchase, artists can make contracts that mean every time their NFT is sold on, they make a royalty fee! 📈 


•  So, if they sell their artwork on the regular market, the art piece can increase in value but they’ll never see any of this profit- BUT, if they sell it digitally as an NFT, an increase in value means they could also benefit from it, and make more coin! 
•  In summary, an NFT is basically a certificate of authenticity, and proof that you own the right to a piece of digital art! 🤔


How can NFTs impact the environment if they don't exist as a physical product?


•  There has been loads of debate around this issue-  with some artists even claiming NFTs are an 'ecological nightmare pyramid scheme'! YIKES 😬


• Well, they’re bought and sold in marketplaces that use cryptocurrency... cryptocurrencies are built on a system called ‘proof of work' that uses a LOT of energy, like… a LOT (check our Facts Of The Week below...)❗


Is there a way to invest in NFTs ethically?


•, In theory, there is if you use an NFT marketplace that aims to limit its environmental impact, using methods such as the ‘proof-of-stake’ method… 


However, we recommend you DO YOUR RESEARCH before investing- because unknowingly participating in something so environmentally damaging is NOT a vibe! 👀


• Ethereum uses about as much electricity as the entire country of Libya (The Verge, 2021) 🤯

• A digital artist, analyzed 18,000 NFTs and found that the average NFT has a carbon footprint equivalent to more than a month’s worth of electricity for a person living in the EU (Memo Akten, 2020) 🌎

• A single NFT transaction on the Ethereum platform emits as much carbon as watching 24,895 hours of YouTube (Ethereum Energy Consumption Index, 2022) ❌

• Every transaction on the Ethereum platform, uses more than 260 kilowatt-hours of electricity, the same amount of electricity used by an average U.S. household over 9.05 days (Ethereum Energy Consumption Index, 2022) 👎

• Remember Nyan Cat? Well, in 2021, the Nyan Cat GIF sold as an NFT for $600,000... (Buisness Insider, 2021) 😦


What have we been up to this week then? Well...

• We've got another drop of jeans coming this week, so have been preparing for that! 👖

• We've got a call with the lovely Megan from Wings Vintage to discuss some very exciting ideas! 😍

• We've been preparing for our pop-up in Brighton Urban Outfitters coming next week- catch us in the Churchill Square store on Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March! 💕

• You may have seen we were looking to take on a digital marketing apprentice, and we've chosen one! All will be revealed soon 🤫

• We've been writing more blog posts, and featuring lots of amazing brands that we love! 🤩

• Click the image below to be taken to our shiny new blog 'Rumour Has It'! ⬇️


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