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The TikTok-style, secondhand resale app FINDS! ♻️

FINDS is a 'unique, video marketplace app' that aims to make secondhand shopping online as exciting as thrifting IRL! 😍

The video format seems to be going down well with sellers and buyers- it keeps things exciting for users with popular songs and audio accompanying the listings, while also taking pressure off sellers to get that ‘perfect shot’ 📸

The Clothes Before Bros team have been using the Beta app for the past few weeks, and have really enjoyed the new video format as a fun alternative to other image-based platforms! 💕

FINDS is launching officially on the app store TODAY at 5 pm, so now you can try it for yourself! 🎉


Just yesterday Molly-Mae Hague announced that PrettyLittleThing is venturing into secondhand trading… creating an online marketplace that allows users to sell used items from PLT 😕

• The Love Island star turned creative director of PrettyLittleThing, claims that PLT has been working on a resale app for over a year and that the service will first roll out in the U.K. in the coming May 😬

• She will be one of the first to show how it is used, as one of the first 'top sellers' on the marketplace, selling her old garments with proceeds going to charity 🤔

Molly-Mae says of the app:

‘This platform encourages sustainability and encourages people to shop for pre-loved and recycled pieces. It’s something that no one’s gonna expect PrettyLittleThing to do, which we’re really, really excited to launch' 🙄

• In this same article in which Molly-Mae talks about sustainability, she boasts about how her new PLT collection is aiming for a ‘high end’ aesthetic but is ‘obviously’ for the ‘customer on a budget’ 👀

• This promise of affordability alongside ‘quality’ suggests that this collection will be as fast as any other PLT collection and that it is likely this affordability comes at the price of unsustainable materials and underpaid garment workers❗

• Considering that Boohoo and PLT and continuing to pump out hundreds of new collections a year, made almost completely from virgin and non-biodegradable plastics, the idea of them launching a resale platform for ‘sustainability’ purposes is laughable 🤣

• The fast fashion industry can simply never be sustainable, as long as it is creating so many new garments at such a quick rate… this move from PLT is all greenwashing, no action 😡


• 80% of clothing from the UK’s four top fast fashion brands contains new virgin plastics! (RSA, 2021) ❌

• 60% of Boohoo garments and 57% of PLT garments are made entirely from polyester, acrylic, nylon, and polyamide. These are extremely environmentally damaging materials! (RSA, 2021) 👎

• Pretty Little Thing scored 0.9 out of 10 on the Fashion Transparency Index- demonstrating that they offer extremely limited information on their environmental policies and labour standards (Fashion Transparency Index, 2020) 💔


We've been busy busy bees this week! 🐝

• We made a few changes to the samples from our new collection- we are going to make sure these pieces are PERFECT! 😘

• We began the hunt for our first-ever brand ambassadors and reached out to a few of our favourites, and for a small business, this is such a huge achievement! 😇

• We were shortlisted as finalists for the ‘Top Pre-Loved Biz’ awards, hosted by BizBubble! HOW EXCITING! 🎉

• We have partnered with ESOOKO, and with every order through our website, we are giving away a £15 voucher for their app! 😮

• All of our discontinued feminist slogan t-shirts are available for ONLY £10 exclusively on ESOOKO, so if you get your hands on a voucher, you know what to spend it on! 😉

• We did a Lil' shoot for our new upcycled collection of flares, and are so thrilled with how the pictures came out! 💕


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