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Y2K-inspired jewellery brand July Child! 🦋 


July Child is a unique brand that both designs and creates cute ASF jewellery... but also a brand that has unfortunately been ripped off by basically ALL the fast fashion brands… to the point that people actually accused brand owner Sinéad of dropshipping her OWN designs from Aliexpress! 😳


This is because stolen images of her jewellery are pasted all over sites such as Shein and Aliexpress, with ring replica’s being sold for only 30p (if that price isn’t telling of how poor the quality of these fakes will be, I don’t know what is)! 😬


July Child also went viral after posting a TikTok showing that she found her own designs in Primark- showing how widespread this theft issue is! 💔


July Child is committed to being environmentally responsible, working with recycled materials where they can and limited runs to reduce waste- they also work with a manufacturer in China that are regularly audited by both SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)-  making sure they comply to the international standard! 🍃


So you want adorable jewellery that lasts a lifetime instead of a shoddy copy, you know where to go! 💘


You may have seen a few videos on your TikTok FYPs of disgruntled Missguided customers that are being denied returns on their orders following the previously-popular brand’s announcement that they’ve had to call in administrators… 😬


In its former glory, Missguided was a brand that made a 4.7 million pound profit in 2015, a CEO that drove a pink Lamborghini worth £300,000, and allegedly had the ‘coolest offices’ in the world- complete with a selfie tunnel, champagne and pizza rooms! Missguided was even a Love Island partner until very recently! 😮


So- how did the once-prolific Missguided fall so far from grace? 🤔


Let’s just say… there is a LOT of tea when it comes to the rise and fall of Missguided - even a lawsuit filed against Missguided by THE Kim Kardashian!?! 🍵


Anyway… if you want the goss, click the banner below to be taken to the blog and to find out why the f*** Missguided went bust! ❤️


• Missguided paid men an average of 46% more than women in 2019 (Gender Pay Gap Report, UK Gov, 2019) 😡


•  Missguided releases 1,000 new products on its website each week (Missguided Website, 2022) 😬


• In 2017 it was found that the 'faux, vegan fur' that Missguided sells under their no fur policy actually contained animal fur from cats and rabbits (Sky News, 2017) 💔


This week has been ALL about picking and packing orders, and we have good news… 🎉

• All outstanding orders will be sent out by the end of the week! WOOHOO! 😍

• We’ve started collaborating with other sustainable brands on our blog Rumour Has It, and are on track to it being THE website for all your sustainable questions and needs! ❤️

• Laura organised something special for those of you that ordered a subscription box- expect gorgeous handpicked items coming your way! 🤞


• We’ve just dropped 6 new mystery bundles on the website and they’re from only £4...drum roll pleaseeeee... 🥁


Sustainable Surprise Mystery Box - £7

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And lastly but not least, our cheapest mystery box yet...


The Graphic T-shirt Mystery Box! For just £4 you can bag yourself a vintage graphic t-shirt… the MOST versatile item that every wardrobe needs! Tucked into shorts, tied with a midi skirt or loose and oversized, it’s always a fit! 💕


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