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Brand new swap platform, 'Don't Shop, Swap'! 🤩

Having just launched yesterday, we can already tell that this swap platform is going to be a big deal! Don’t Shop, Swap is on a mission to ‘fix the fashion system, by making fashion sustainable, affordable, and accessible to young people’! Sounds great to us 😍

They believe swapping drives respect for the planet, possessions and people, and we 100% agree!

The platform differs from others due to the fact that they offer a curated selection of preloved, vintage and designer clothing! It’s also set out like a game, which is just super fun TBH!

The first 100 sign-ups get the subscription for just £5 a month, so I’d get in there before the platform takes off! 💕


COP26 is underway, which has been a cause of controversy as critics of the event question the actions and intentions of those attending…

What is COP26?

• COP26 is the 2021, UN Climate Change Conference. World leaders and tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens have been attending twelve days of talks in Glasgow, and discussing the climate crisis at hand 🌎

What’s the controversy?

• With some world leaders not even attending, and some taking extremely polluting modes of transport to the event (Joe Biden travelled to the event in a bizarre AF motorcade of more than 20 vehicles 🙄), the intentions of these leaders are being put into question!

Greta said WHAT?!

• Greta Thunberg, being the icon she is, called the event out for being a ‘Global greenwash festival’, and ‘a two-week-long celebration of business as usual’. You tell them queen! 👸💪

Any good news?

• On a positive note, John Kerry (a 30-year veteran of climate geopolitics), claims he ‘had never counted as many initiatives and as much money – real money – being put on the table’, perhaps this is a sign that world leaders may be beginning to take the climate crisis more seriously? 🤔

• Obama referenced his daughter's sustainable shopping habits and called on young people to support businesses that are committed to sustainability, as well as boycotting harmful ones! 💖


• Only 15% of the population recycle their clothing (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, 2020) ♻️

• The fashion industry accounts for around 8 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the third-highest polluting industry on the planet (Measuring Fashion, 2018) 🏭

• Seventy-seven percent of the 71 leading clothing retailers in the UK said there’s a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some stage in their supply chains (Ethical Trading Initiative, 2016) ❌

This is why we make sure Clothes Before Bros remains ethical at every stage of our production process 💪


These past few weeks the Clothes Before Bros team have been busy (in a good way!)…

• Booking exciting events and pop-ups... Clothes Before Bros is on tour! Catch us soon in Brighton at the Pixie Collective pop-up on the 24th, and in Liverpool at the Matriarch Market on the 5th and 19th of December! 😍

• Started being stocked in the iconic Brick Lane store, ATIKA! (The largest vintage department store in London, BTW) 🤯

• Painting, decorating, and preparing for our launch day at Redbrick Market on November 18th! 🤩 Be sure to come along for exclusive bargains, including £5 Levi's as we're opening on a Thriftin' Thursday, or two defect pairs for £7.50! Swing by and grab a sustainable surprise from our vending machine! 🎉


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