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The super sustainable and super addictive Instagram lives by Wings Vintage! 😍

Famous for their Fill-A-Bag sales, Wings Vintage (@wingsvintage) go live every Wednesday and Sunday, showing and selling the pieces they’ve salvaged from landfill on their recent trip to Italy! 👀

With amazing hand-picked finds, the Clothes Before Bros team have become regular viewers, and don’t plan on stopping tuning in anytime soon! 😉

Megan and Harry aim to build a sustainable community, and this definitely shows in their lives, with friendships being built in the chat. Wholesome AF 💖

Showcasing good bargains served with a side of juicy storytimes from Megan (@stormmeganwing), and music breaks courtesy of Harry (@harrymold), watching Wings is the perfect way to spend an evening in! 💕


Fast Fashion Giant (and villain 🙄) Zara, has had a change in management!

Chairman of Inditex, (the biggest fast fashion group in the world, owning Zara, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, along with many others) Pablo Isla, has stepped down from the role and passed it onto his daughter, Marta Ortega 👨‍👧

With Inditex having a market value of $98 billion, Marta will become the most powerful (and youngest) woman in the Spanish stock market 🤯

So, what does this mean for the company?

• As Marta has limited business management experience, there have been doubts from shareholders about this change in management 🤔

• With speculations that she is under-qualified for the job, shares in Inditex have fallen by 6% since the announcement 😏

• The press is also speculating that Marta will have a much more public profile in terms of representing Inditex, unlike her father, who has NEVER sat down with a journalist and is rarely photographed in public. So, we will likely be seeing and hearing a lot more about Zara (ick!) 👎

What does this have to do with sustainability?

• Press think this change in management is coming at a very convenient time, as the future of Zara/the fast fashion industry is being questioned 😇

• As BBC business reporter Vivienne Nunis puts it:

‘At a time when consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental costs of fast fashion, Zara particularly is in an awkward spot - its reputation is built on bringing style trends to High Street stores quickly and cheaply.’

• Evidently, concern around Inditex’s supply chains IS increasing as just last week, due to concerns that the fashion label may have profited from the forced labour of Uighurs in China, a Zara store in Bordeaux's expansion plans were REJECTED by French authorities 🎉

We hope that this could possibly mark the beginning of the end for Zara’s unethical practices… (but we aren’t holding our breath!) 🙄


In regards to the earlier mention of Uyghurs in China, we would like to dedicate this week's facts to exposing some of the horrors behind Zara’s (alleged) supply chain…

• The Chinese government have incarcerated more than an estimated one million Muslims (the majority of them Uyghurs) in internment camps in the region of Xinjiang without any legal process (Al Jazeera, 2018) 👎

• This is the largest-scale detention of ethnic and religious minorities since World War II (Joanne Finley, 2020) ❌

• The coalition of human rights groups says many of the world’s leading clothing brands continue to source cotton and yarn produced from this forced labour (The Guardian, 2020) ⛓️

• The coalition estimates it is 'virtually certain' that as many as one in five cotton products sold across the world are made using forced labour in Xinjiang (The Guardian, 2020) 🌎

• Inditex, parent company of Zara, ‘once published a zero-tolerance for forced labour statement on its official website, saying that the company has confirmed that it has no commercial connection with any company in Xinjiang’ ❗

•This statement was then quietly withdrawn from the website, suggesting that they ARE complicit… who could have guessed? (The Global Times, 2021) 🙄


The Clothes Before Bros team have been busy this week as always! 🎉

• Had some exciting meetings discussing the growth of the brand moving forward 😉

• Started working on some new pieces... think corset co-ord REALNESS 🔥

• Had our FIRST EVER MAGAZINE FEATURE! The amazing Disgraceful Magazine featured us in Issue 5! Click the image below to purchase, and use code WEDNESDAY at checkout for 50% off the digital edition! ❤️


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