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Social clothing rental app 'By Rotation!'

This app is perf, wether you want to sustainably switch your wardrobe up temporarily, want a new piece for a special occasion, or just want a cute Instagram pic in a fancy outfit 💃

By Rotation differs from other rental platforms as the clothes are owned by users of the app, rather than owned by the company itself! 🤯

Lenders and renters communicate directly to work out a deal that suits you both, making the app social! 💕

By Rotation also offers more affordable rentals in comparison to other platforms, as they don’t restrict their service to only luxury clothing! 💸

By Rotation is ‘Determined to transform the way we consume fashion by empowering you to do good for your wardrobe, your wallet and planet at the same time', and we’re 100% on board! ♻️


Everyone is talking about the Met Gala… whether they’re debating Kim’s Marilyn moment controversy, shaming Kylie for her baseball cap/wedding-dress combo or praising Blake Lively’s colour-changing gilded gown! 🤳


This week we want to look at it from a different angle- you guessed it, a sustainable angle! ♻️


The Met Gala is clearly looking to appeal to a more sustainable crowd- this year implementing a completely vegan and ethically sourced menu for the guests! 🥗


So… let’s see if the fashion is matching up to the menu and talk all things vintage, up-cycled and greenwashing! 👀


(PS. Stick around, because at the end of this article we’ll be crowning our fave sustainable celeb Met look!)


• This year we saw an increase in celebs that chose to sport vintage and up-cycled garments- which may be reflective of a change in attitude and growing popularity of vintage fashion! 😍


• However, it could also just be due to the theme, which was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion - Gilded Glamour and White-Tie’... a theme that encourages the attendees to hark back to iconic historical moments in the Gilded era! 🤴


• Although most famously, Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ gown this year, we want to discuss the more underrated vintage looks of the red carpet! 🤔


So- here are some other celebrities that wore vintage!


• Emma Stone wore her Louis Vuitton wedding reception dress- we love that she's outfit repeating with pride! 👰


• Adut Akech wore a vintage 2003 Christian Lacroix gown… wait for it… WORN BACKWARDS! This is such an iconic way to give new life to an iconic vintage piece- we love! 🤯


• Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski dipped into the Versace archives for this colourfully beaded 1992 get-up, last worn by Canadian former supermodel, Yasmeen Ghauri 😍


• HoYeon Jung wore a denim Louis Vuitton mini dress from their 2017 collection, rather than something new! ❤️


• Supermodel Amber Valetta wore a gorgeous gold vintage Azzaro gown from the 1980s! 👗


We were also amazed to see so many celebs sporting upcycled designs in deadstock fabrics!


• Paloma Elsesser’s Coach dress was half ‘new’- but the lace skirt was made using repurposed dresses from the 1930s- gorgeous! 😇


• Shawn Mendes wore a wool navy and burgundy Tommy Hilfiger suit, made from recycled materials! 🤩


• Designer Prabal Gurung kitted out a posse of celebs in gorgeous up-cycled gowns- including Camila Cabello, Quannah Chasinghorse, Mindy Kaling, Grace Elizabeth, Deneé Benton, Kiki Layne, Ashley Park, and Michelle Yeoh! 😮


• Climate activist Xiye Bastida, Venus Williams, and Amy Schumer were also all dressed in upcycled Chloé outfits made from deadstock- designed by Gabriella Hearst! 💕


Now it’s time to shine to sustainable spotlight on our fave celebrity look of the evening…


👸 Billie Eilish in her completely upcycled Gucci gown! 👸


Why did Billie get this year's Clothes Before Bros crown?

• Well- not only was the dress gorgeous and on theme (a theme that a lot of celebs seemed to miss) but Billie is year after year contributing to the sustainability effort! ♻️


• Last year, Billie only agreed to wear Oscar de la Renta at the Met Gala under the conditions that the brand commits to going completely fur-free - and they did! She is a long-term animal activist- big respect 🐆


• Billie is a completely vegan and plant-based queen, and recently debuted a vegan, up-cycled sneaker with Nike! 🍃


• Billie JUST announced that she’s hosting a climate event in London this summer, that will bring together activists, musicians and celebrities to discuss the issue of climate change! 🌎


• She is hosting this event, called ‘Overheated’ alongside her world tour… 💚


Let's take a minute to remind ourselves that Billie is only 20 years old- WHAT. AN. ICON! 🤯


We thought we'd stick to a celeb sustainability theme this week- so here are our fave facts about some of the most eco-conscious (and sometimes unexpected) celebrities!

• Anne Hathaway is on a public zero-waste journey! As well as working to make her film sets more sustainable, on a press-tour she only wore only vintage and eco-friendly styles to show her commitment to sustainable fashion! (Green Matters, 2022) 🍃

• Emma Watson has a long history of collaborating with ethical brands and leading Vogue Australia’s first sustainability issue! She is also partnered with the sustainable fashion rating website 'Good On You'... so they now rate all of her outfits to make sure her outfits meet the highest standards of ethics and sustainability! (Good on You, 2019) 💚

• Channing Tatum works with a number of environmental organisations (I know... SWOON 😍), one of which is PlantMed, an organisation that works with indigenous people in the Amazon- it's mission is to raise awareness of the effects of deforestation, not just on climate change! (Recycling bins, 2021) 🌲

• Brad Pitt established the Make It Right foundation in 2007 and built environmentally friendly homes for Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orlean... he also often publicly speaks up for alternative energy solutions stating that this is the only way the Earth can have a future (Celebrity Page, 2020) 🌎


So, what have we been up to?

• We manually emailed each and every one of you waiting on your Mystery Levi Boxes to explain the delay sitch - and sent an SMS to those that didn't enter their email at checkout (if for some reason reason you haven't been contacted, drop us an email at! 😘

• Dom uploaded a new DIY to our TikTok and Instagram - showing you how to make the cutest pillow from our defect denim, just reminding you we sell 2 pairs of defect jeans for £7.50! Perf for up-cycling! 😍

• Speaking of defect denim... we're also planning an event in London in which you’ll be able to come along and rework some denim yourself...details to follow 😉

• PLUS- we're planning to add more pieces to our Rework'd Collection (shop it by clicking on the image below!) ❤️

• Laura, the amazing founder of Clothes Before Bros is celebrating her birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! Thank you for creating such a brilliant brand that we're all so proud to work for... have the best day ever! 💕


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