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Social fashion rental platform 'By Rotation'! 💖

By Rotation is a ‘social’ rental app for clothing, in which you can rent or lend out your wardrobe! ♻️

The clothing rental platform is perfect for when you want to sustainably switch your wardrobe up temporarily, want a new piece for a special occasion, or just want a cute Instagram pic in a fancy outfit 💃

By Rotation differs from other rental platforms as the clothes are owned by users of the app, rather than owned by the company itself! 🤯

Lenders and renters communicate directly to work out a deal that suits you both, making the app social! 💕

By Rotation also offers more affordable rentals in comparison to other platforms, as they don’t restrict their service to only luxury clothing! 💸

By Rotation is ‘Determined to transform the way we consume fashion by empowering you to do good for your wardrobe, your wallet and planet at the same time', and we’re 100% on board! 😍


As proven in recent financial news, it has been revealed that there are cracks in the fast fashion business model… 😏

• The share price of Boohoo fell by 68% in 2021, with ASOS down 52% 📉

• Missguided are also struggling, as allegedly a few months ago founder and owner Nitin Passi was seeking £50m in emergency funding 😬

So, why is this happening?

• The appeal of fast fashion, is of course, that it's so fast! Supply chain difficulties due to COVID-19 means that there are longer shipping times, discouraging customers to shop with these companies 🛍️

• Boohoo stated that they've seen a large increase in clothing returns, and although they're blaming this on Omicron and event cancellations, this could ALSO be down to a growing awareness of the poor quality of their clothing 🤭

• Ethical investors have lost faith in the brands (FINALLY! 🙄) as various scandals throughout the past year have revealed the exploitation of garment workers! 💔

•With inflation, businesses like Boohoo are paying more for supplies, and charging more however, their poor quality remains the same... 👎

• China’s Shein is dominating the industry, delivering clothes cheaper and faster than all other competitors right now… ❗

What does this have to do with sustainability?

• It is no mystery to most, that these brands are completely unethical ❌

•This sudden struggle from these companies is demonstrating that the fast fashion business model is completely unsustainable long term 😏

•Although Shein (a fast fashion supervillain) is now dominating the industry, perhaps this info will encourage investors to avoid these ‘fast fashion’ models and instead opt for something slower, more sustainable, and greener! ♻️


• ‘Volume-based business models simply cannot become sustainable’ (Los Angeles Times, 2019) ♻️

• The fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply (Morgan McFall-Johnsen, 2020) 💧

• ‘One in three young women, the biggest segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old’ (The Guardian, 2019) 👎

• Each year, 5 billion pounds of waste is generated through returns'… so please think twice before ordering multiple sizes! (BBC Earth) 🌎


The Clothes Before Bros team have all had some time off to relax and recharge over the festive period, and are back with a BANG 💥

• We have been reading all your positive comments about the SOLD OUT Festive Fiver boxes, and are planning something similar for Valentine's Day (HINT: self-love goodies!) 💕

• Expect lots of exciting collabs and giveaways coming your way VERY soon... 😉

• We want to wish you all a (slightly late) Happy New Year! 🎉 Your support over 2021 has meant the world to us, and allows us to continue to do what we love!



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