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Second-hand clothing site 'Thrifted'! 


Thrifted believe in a circular fashion economy and in 'quality clothing that can have three or more lives’! 😘


Who else hates it when they type '90's' or 'Y2K' into Depop and are met with Primark and Shein? 🙋


Well, Thrifted carefully curates their vintage clothing in 70's, 80's, and 90's styles, meaning that you don't have to worry about sifting out all the fast fashion tat that you’d see on other second-hand selling sites! 😍


They've sold over 200,000 pieces of clothing, so they must be doing something right! 🤯


It was announced that eBay is the new sponsor for the hugely-popular reality TV show Love Island, which is FAB news for everyone in the sustainable community! 😍


Sustainability activists have very publicly been slamming Love Island for years, for the programme's decision to partner with fast fashion brands Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, and in turn promoting micro-trends, overconsumption, and a culture of ‘throwaway’ fast fashion ❌


Let's be honest- whether you love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that Love Island sets trends! 📈


From personal experience, I can vividly remember seeing a LOT of bodycon dresses and bikinis with underboob cut-outs suddenly being sported in my local nightclub after they were seen on the islanders! 😬


The islanders are rarely pictured wearing outfits more than once, with new PLT clothes being dropped into the villa regularly throughout filming. The Love Island app even provides a ‘Shop The Look’ feature that takes you straight to the PLT outfit of your favourite islanders... 🤳


The influence of Love Island is hard to ignore when demonstrated in these statistics published by The Guardian:


‘I Saw It First had a 67% increase in sales and a 254% increase in Instagram followers in 2019. When contestant Molly-Mae Hague wore one of their dresses, it sold out in 10 minutes. Last year, Millie Court, who went on to win the show, was the most influential when it came to style. Online searches for “marble dress” rose by 127% and searches for “hot pink co-ords” went up by 114% when she wore those items.’ 🤯


So, why is this such a huge deal?


• It’s likely to influence others that are loyal fast-fashion shoppers to be swayed towards the second-hand fashion market (COME JOIN US)! 😈


As Eve Williams, chief marketing officer at eBay UK says:


‘We’ll inspire the nation to think differently and make more conscious choices when it comes to their wardrobes, whether that is selling a dress that is sitting at the back of their wardrobe or shopping for their favourite islander’s second-hand looks – these small changes can make a big difference to driving circularity.’ ♻️


• It also shows the work that we’ve already done, and is a huge victory for the sustainable community- it demonstrates the political power that your purchase and activism hold! With more Gen Z’s choosing second-hand fashion, Love Island producers have made the choice to match this demand and shift in attitude! ❤️


How do we predict this will change the show?


• With a shared wardrobe and even bringing in their favourite pieces of clothing from home, this gives the islanders the opportunity to show their PERSONAL STYLE, promoting individuality, which honestly is something many believe Love Island has lacked in previous years! 🤩


• As Vogue cleverly puts it ‘its neon-sexy, underboob-baring aesthetic, which makes islanders look strangely bland and interchangeable’ will be gone, and instead we’ll see Islanders get creative 👀


• This may also inspire viewers to explore their personal style and experiment, rather than just copy what’s seen on screen! It’s likely with a lot of items being vintage, viewers won’t be able to buy exact copies of items and will have to take it upon themselves to hunt down pieces that they love! 😇


I think we may have just been given another reason to tune into our guilty pleasure show...(SHHH 🤫)


P.S: eBay is going to be inundated with new buyers once Love Island hits our screens, so take a look at our blog post below on 'Alternative Sites To eBay' for recommendations on where to get thrifty without the bidding wars 😉


• Research conducted by eBay showed that those aged 18 to 34 have the highest average percentage of secondhand clothes in their wardrobe (22%), compared with 12% for the over-55s! (The Guardian, 2022) 💚


• A fifth (20%) of Brits admit that they buy more second-hand fashion compared to two years ago and reveal on average, that 16% of their wardrobes are made up of pre-loved clothes! (The Guardian, 2022) 😍


• In research conducted by Vogue on their audience, they found that there was an increase in people who say sustainability is an important factor when making a fashion purchase! This increase happened through lockdown- from 65% in October 2020 to 69% in May 2021! (Vogue Buisness, 2021) 🤔



Things got crazy again! 🤣


• We were sent some stunning content from our customers, go and show some love on the video of the lovely Adina showing off her Mystery Blazer, at @adiinamorosan on TikTok! 😍


• We welcomed the lovely Christina onto the team, who is going to be helping Laura pick and pack all the parcels down at the unit, so help get them out to you A.S.A.P! ❤️


• We got 300 orders which means it’s time to choose a winner for the £200 Ralph Lauren blazer giveaway… fingers crossed! 🤞


• We’re planning a bargain subscription box that will keep you stocked up on amazing, wearable vintage staples to help you build a sustainable wardrobe! 😉


• We’re VERY close to 50K on TikTok and will be doing a huge giveaway when we hit this marker- so get following if you aren’t and keep your eyes peeled! 👀


• We released an amazing new product, ‘The Essentials Mystery Bundle’! The Essentials Mystery Bundle includes a pair of vintage Levi jeans, a vintage sweatshirt, and a vintage designer blazer, all for only £18.50! These are some staples that we think are a great addition to any wardrobe- and clearly, you guys do too... because we went VIRAL on a TikTok talking about the product launch! 🤯


• But at the same time we went viral and had 600 people browsing the website, we had technical difficulties meaning lots of people couldn’t make orders… BUT… AFTER A VERY STRESSFUL FEW HOURS...THIS IS FINALLY FIXED! 🎉


Order the Viral Essentials Mystery Bundle below! 😘


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