Rumour has it that you, even as an adult, still have questions about sex...


We all do! Let's be honest, the sex-education resources we had growing up were old-fashioned, to say the least... 😬


(Who else had that book with the cartoon birds and bees?)


As an adult, I'm continually having to fill in the gaps that my sex-education classes at school missed- and these are the accounts I use to do it! 


So, here are some accounts that teach sex the way it should be - POSITIVELY! (This is a NO SEX SHAME ZONE!) 🙅‍♀️


Cliterally The Best is an amazing sex education platform designed to help you unlearn unhealthy views on sex and your body! 😍


Evie founded Cliterally The Best ‘in the hope of helping others who have also been failed by their sex ed (or lack of) and unlearn all the myths surrounding their bodies and sex in a shame-free way!' 👍


Her free platform modernizes traditional sex-ed (no more awkward, old-fashioned diagrams and conservative teachers) and makes it fun, rather than intimidating! 💪


Evie provides informational resources available on everything from consent, sex-positive parenting, to a ‘Butt Stuff Safety Guide’... Cliterally The Best leaves no question unanswered! 🍑 


With a podcast, a blog, a forum, and a shop (selling fab water-based aloe lube), Cliterally The Best is a sex-positive POWERHOUSE! 🤩


No matter your age, sexuality, or gender, you WILL learn something new! ❤️


Rachel Jardine is a Glasgow based, Sex Positive Illustrator and Blogger 😇


Over on her instagram she posts gorgeous illustrations accompanied by educational content on all things sex, consent and self love! ❤️ 


Additionally, Rachel has some amazing reels! Our personal fave is a nifty DIY video that teaches you how to make a condom into a dental dam... which is really helpful considering that dental dam's are a lot rarer to come by in comparison to condoms! 👍


We were even lucky enough to collaborate with Rachel on our new 'Taboo Tuesday' series and she did NOT DISSAPOINT... so keep an eye out, because that's coming very soon! 🤩


Nicole is a sex positivity content creator that posts hilarious yet educational content on her instagram and TikTok account Big Clit Energy! 😘


With an amazing 18.4K followers on TikTok it's clear we aren't the only ones that love her content! 😉


Think relatable memes, sex advice, sex and relationship book reccomendations, and all the latest TikTok trends with a twist - there's literally not a topic or trend that Nicole's platform hasn't covered! 😍


Over on her blog Nicole tackles these important topics but in a more serious, journalistic style and absolutely smashes that format too- our personal fave posts were her Q&A with a sex worker, and her Q&A about compulsory content workshops! ❤️


Dr. West is an obstetric and gynecology doctor that uses her social media to talk about vaginas, periods, sexual health, pregnancy, infertility and contraception! ♀️


All of her information is evidence-based and reliable, and her aim is to to 'play a role in improving women's experiences of labour and confiiding in doctors about gynaelogical issues' 👍


Dr. West has an amazing skill of being able to deal with difficult topics in a really sensitive and compassionate way- and we recommend her page to anyone that has anxiety about confiding in doctors about gynalogical issues- or women that are nervous about childbirth! ❤️


Dr. West will help ease your concerns 😇


Tess is an inclusive, certified sexual health educator here to answer all the sex questions your too nervous to ask your GP! ❤️


With HUNDREDS of evidence-based TikTok videos, Tess has every base covered... sexuality, menstruation, birth control, puberty, STIs and more! 😍


Any teachers happen to be reading this blog post? If so, we recommend booking Tess to give a workshop to your students! Tess is here to take on a modern, non-judgemental approach to sex education that we'd WISHED we would've had at school! 😇


We also really love that Tess has an anonymous question form- which makes her page so much more acessible to those that would rather not ask questions publicly in the commments! 😉


At Clothes Before Bros we love Dr. Tanaya! Dr. Tanaya is an award winning, doctor putting the FUN in FUNdamental sex ed! ❤️


She is there to help you learn about and love your body, periods, and sex... and loves a good old fashion demonstration - we even saw her use blueberries in a male nipple demonstration... creative! 🤣

Her videos are seriously addictive, and considering how she's blown up on social media since we discovered her (she almost has 900k Insta followers), clearly other people love her as much as we do!  ðŸ˜


Tanaya is working on a book on sex education for adults and we just KNOW it's going to be a gooden!  She's also elected Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and is a medical advisor to various medtech start-ups... so basically like a sexual health supehero 💪


Va Va Womb was founded by Ellamae, a infertility advocate, anti-shaming enthusiast and promoter of body and sex exploration 😜


Ellamae was born without a womb, and wants the Va Va Womb platform ‘to educate, empower and shake up stigma through their digital content’ and let people know that they are ‘never alone in their experiences’ 😘


The aim of Va Va Womb is to shake stigma by talking about issues that many people feel ashamed about- as Ellamae calls it, people that are stuck within ‘four walls of shame, guilt, pressure and stigma, all built by society’ 💕


And now Va Va Womb have something extra amazing in the works… wait for it… A VAGINA FESTIVAL! 🤯


On Wednesday 25th May, The Vagina Festival is celebrating all things feminist- with spoken word, music and drag performers being a few of the acts on offer, The Vagina Festival is not one to be missed! ❤️