Five Feminist Zines That We're Obsessed With

Rumour has it that you want to start reading more but don't know where to start...

 These feminist zine's are packed full of all of your faves: activism, photography, creativity, and fashion (and the list goes on!), to keep you entertained and inspired ❤️ 

So, here are our top five recommendations!

 (We bet one grabs your attention... or maybe even all of them!) 


Disgraceful 'sets out to claim space in this world where women are expected to do the opposite', and we are, of course, on board with this mission 💖

 Disgraceful is a zine created to empower women to build a life without constraints, and its pages are filled with stories and articles about inspirational women, as well as covering style, pop culture, and body politics 😍

 We were actually lucky enough to be featured in Issue 5, an issue that had a celebrity feature from the amazing Sharon Gaffka! 👸

 We are so honoured to have been featured in such an amazing publication, as we stand for everything Disgraceful promotes 💘

As Disgraceful amazingly put it... 'you can’t repress a disgraceful woman' 💪


Aila was created to bring other women 'contentment, empowerment, and self-belief' 😇 

The zine is inspired by owner Hannah's inspirational journey building up her self-esteem, independence, and body confidence, after years of struggling with these things as a teen ❤️

Aila is 'taking the pressure off young women and providing an overdue alternative' to traditional magazines that reinforce unrealistic expectations onto young women! 👍

Aila is full of amazing articles from other women and their experiences, poetry, tips, advice, and more... it is real and relatable ASF! 


Darling is a social activism magazine, printed on recycled paper ♻️

It's so hard to put Darling into a category because it has something for everyone, and this is why we love it so much!❤️

 Aiming to 'empower wxman in music, art, and film', Darling contains a variety of different content to suit everyone's interests! 

 Some examples of the articles you'll discover within the pages of Darling Zine, are LGBTQ+ Watch Lists, amazing music journalism (lots of album/single reviews!), and refreshing political commentary such as 'Writing Women in Film: The Sexist Agenda Of Hollywood' 💘

Issue 4 is available for preorder now, and if you get your hands on a copy, you might just spot something exciting! 🤫


Life on Venus was created by Jess, who has always wanted to start a platform that celebrates creatives wanting to make positive change! She contacted Jack, who wanted to create print work and shared the same values - and Life on Venus was born! 🌛

With their first issue discussing sustainable fashion (our fave topic of course) and conversation 2 exploring growth and movement, Life on Venus is a platform for engaging conversations that you WANT to have 🙋

Not only does Life on Venus start great conversations, but it’s also a zero-waste zine: the magazine is printed on recycled paper and packaged in offcuts of the photographic industry! ♻️ 

We were also given the amazing opportunity to be photographed by Jess last year (I'm sure you've seen the gorgeous images all over our website and socials!) and we just may be featured in the next issue of Life on Venus… so watch closely and you might spot us! 😘



FEM is a non-profit platform and publisher for arts and events, that regularly publishes amazingly creative and unique zines! ❤️

 FEM is an alternative media and creative community that was founded by Mia in 2017 in frustration from feeling under-represented by mainstream and even ‘young’ and ‘current’ ‘gen Z' media❗

 FEM is a platform that aims to diversify media and spaces, sharing intersectional stories and representing voices we don’t hear enough from in our community 💪

Another amazing thing about FEM is that it aims to be a dyslexia-friendly space, and as part of its inclusive mission it ensures the pages of its zines and the online content is clear for dyslexic readers 😇