Five Alternative Apps To Depop

Rumour has it that you're always checking Depop for new bargains... 

And it's time to switch it up a bit! As I'm sure you could've guessed, the Clothes Before Bros team are AVID thrifters! We want to share some of the underrated second-hand, sustainable clothing apps that we couldn't live without! 


Esooko is an app designed ‘for fashion lovers who want to take action for the planet’, and at Clothes Before Bros we are OBSESSED with the app and their initiatives! 😍

Esooko allows you to shop sustainable and vintage clothing... but what makes it different is that every time you make a purchase you’ll plant trees, restore corals, or empower young people to create more sustainable fashion habits! 🍃

 So far, Esooko has restored 553 corals, planted 848 trees, and educated 8200 people on sustainable fashion! 

 We’ve also been working closely with Esooko, meaning that EVERY order on our website comes with a £15 voucher to use on their app! Crazy right!? 🤯


The TikTok-style, secondhand resale app FINDS! ♻️

 FINDS is a 'unique, video marketplace app' that aims to make secondhand shopping online as exciting as thrifting IRL! 😍

The video format seems to be going down well with sellers and buyers- it keeps things exciting for users with popular songs and audio’s accompanying the listings, while also taking pressure off sellers to get that ‘perfect shot’ 📸

 It only launched officially Feburary the 16th, but from the initial reaction to the launch we think FINDS is going to be a BIG one! 😇


This ‘social’ rental app for clothing is perfect for when you want to sustainably switch your wardrobe up temporarily, want a new piece for a special occasion, or just want a cute Instagram pic in a fancy outfit 💃

By Rotation differs from other rental platforms as the clothes are owned by users of the app, rather than owned by the company itself! 🤯

Lenders and renters communicate directly to work out a deal that suits you both, making the app social! 💕

By Rotation also offers more affordable rentals in comparison to other platforms, as they don’t restrict their service to only luxury clothing! 💸

 By Rotation is ‘Determined to transform the way we consume fashion by empowering you to do good for your wardrobe, your wallet and planet at the same time', and we’re 100% on board! ♻️


Vestiare Collective is a LUXURY second-hand app for all you boujee babes! 🤑

The app describes itself as ‘an international community where more than 15 million fashion lovers discover, buy and sell luxury pre-loved fashion with confidence’! 

What we love about the app is that it often has up to 70% off designer brands and offers to ability to filter from price low to high- this is the best way to find an AMAZING bargain! 😘

 Furthermore, for only a £15 additional authentication fee the items are shipped to a Vestiaire Collective hub and carefully checked by their expert teams before being shipped to you - reassuring you that you aren’t buying a fake! 👍


Bet you weren't expecting this, huh? 😉

 SURPRISE! Insta is where we get almost all of our best bargains! 🤩

 Instagram is full of AMAZING vintage sellers that do exclusive deals on live streams or story sales (it saves them the time listing each individual item on Depop and they often charge less and there are no selling fees over IG!) 😍

 We recommend @wingsvintage for their iconic 'Wednesday's with Wings' live streams (their amazing pieces pictured on the left), @foreveramira for stock preview live streams, and @timelesswear for super affordable IG story sales! 💖